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article 7) refusal and limitation of carriage
The Carrier may refuse to carry any passenger or his/her baggage for security reasons, or if:
a. it deems such action necessary to comply with the laws, regulations, or rules of any country of
departure, destination, or to be flown over; or if carriage of his/her baggage could constitute a threat
to the security or health of the other passengers, or could concretely make the flight of the other
passengers or the crew insufficiently comfortable;
b. passenger’s conduct, age, physical or mental state are such as to:
• require special assistance from the Carrier and the methods of such carriage were not agreed
with the Carrier in advance; or
• materially affect the comfort or provoke justified complaints from the other passengers; or
• endanger himself/herself or other persons or property; or
c. such action is justified by the passenger’s failure to follow instructions legitimately provided by the
Carrier, or if the passenger was responsible for illegal or undisciplined conduct on a previous flight
and there is risk that such conduct may be repeated;
d. the passenger has refused to submit to security checks;
e. the applicable fares, taxes owed, and any other accessory expense have not been paid, or if the
passenger is not in possession of valid travel documents;
f. the passenger does not endorse a valid travel documents required to enter a transit country of the
flight or to enter the final country of destination of the flight;
g. the passenger has destroyed his/her travel documents during the flight or has refused to show them
to flight crew;
h. the ticket presented by the passenger:
• was obtained illegally or was purchased from a party other than the Carrier or one of its
authorized agents; or
• was reported lost or stolen; or
• was forged; or
• was altered or made incomplete by a party other than the Carrier or one of its authorized
agents even with regard to a single flight coupon;
• is in the name – specified in the “NAME OF PASSENGER” box – of a person other than the
person who presents the ticket it being understood that in such cases the Carrier reserves
the right to withdraw the ticket;
i. the passenger has not respected the requirements referred to in Art. III regarding the progressive
order of the flight coupons and their use, or presents a ticket that was issued or was altered in any
way by a party other than the Carrier or one of its authorized agents;
j. the passenger has not respected Carrier’s flight safety instructions.
Carrier’s check-in of unaccompanied minors, disabled persons, pregnant women, ill persons, or other
persons requiring special assistance is performed subject to prior agreement with the Carrier, which
must be duly informed by the passenger with regard to special needs at the time of reservation. Disabled
passengers who have duly informed the Carrier of their special needs will be carried in conformity to
such special needs unless such carriage is impossible due to objective causes of force majeure.