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article 6) check-in and boarding
1. The time limit for passenger check-in is different at each airport. Therefore, the passenger must find
out about such time limits and respect them. Arriving early for check-in allows the Carrier and the
passenger to go through formalities in the best manner. The Carrier or its authorized agents will
provide the passenger information on the time limit for check-in for the first flight shown on the
ticket. For any and all subsequent flights, the passenger must find out about the time limit for checkin.
2. Information on passenger check-in time limits is an integral part of the Contract, and are available
from Carrier’s official timetable, through distribution channels for the Carrier’s products, on
Carrier’s website, or by contacting the Carrier or one of its authorized agents. If no check-in time is
indicated, the passenger must arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the published departure time.
3. The Carrier reserves the right to cancel a confirmed reservation if the passenger does not respect
the time limit for check-in. This right applies to the first flight indicated on the ticket as well as for
subsequent flights.
4. The passenger must arrive at the boarding gate no later than the time specified by the Carrier at
5. The Carrier may cancel the reservation if the passenger does not arrive at the boarding gate by the
prescribed time.
6. The Carrier is not liable for any cost or expense incurred by a passenger who has not respected the
terms and conditions of this article.