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article 5) reservations
• The Carrier or its authorized agents will record the passenger’s reservation and give the passenger
written confirmation if so requested by him/her. Only the reservation confirmed in the system that
the Carrier uses to record reservations for its flights will be considered valid. The Carrier will not be
liable for any damage caused by lack of or mistaken recording if not attributable to Carrier’s own
negligence or with intent. Some fare rules may include conditions that limit or exclude the
passenger’s right to cancel or change reservations on Carrier’s flights.
• If the passenger does not pay the ticket price before the deadline for its issuance, as specified by the
Carrier or by its authorized agents at the time of reservation, the Carrier may cancel the confirmed
• At the time of reservation, the Carrier offers the passenger the option of choosing a specific seat on
its aircraft. The Carrier will endeavor to honor such advance seating requests; nevertheless, if the
aircraft to be used for a certain flight is replaced or modified, the Carrier will not guarantee the
specific assignment of any seat, even if such assignment has been confirmed. In addition, the Carrier
reserves the right to change the assignment of, or to reassign, seats on its aircraft at any time, even
after departure, if required for safety reasons.
• If, for reason attributable to the passenger, the confirmed reservation is not cancelled by same by the
deadline indicated by the Carrier or lapses due to failure to respect the rules referred to in Art. VI
below, the Carrier may require the passenger to pay a penalty to cover expenses incurred, provided
the fare paid permits the passenger to book another flight.
• Reservations for intermediate or return flights may be subject to confirmation within time limits
specified by the Carrier. The passenger has the right to be informed by the Carrier or by its agents as
to when and how the passenger must confirm reservations for intermediate or return flights. If a
passenger does not use a reservation on a flight without first notifying the Carrier, the Carrier may
cancel the reservations for intermediate or return flights. On the other hand, if the passenger gives
the Carrier timely notice, the Carrier will not cancel the reservations for intermediate or return
flights. Likewise, if the Carrier requests confirmation and the passenger does not confirm, the Carrier
may cancel the reservations for intermediate or return flights. Nevertheless, if the passenger gives
the Carrier timely notice that he/she is still interested in utilizing the intermediate or return flights,
and subject to availability of seating on the aircraft, the Carrier will restore the reservation and
provide carriage for the passenger. If seating is not available on the date chosen by the passenger, the
Carrier will do everything possible to carry the passenger to the next destination or the final
destination on the next flight on which seating is available.
• Through its reservation operations and passenger check-in, the Carrier acquires personal data from
passengers necessary to perform contractual obligations in respect of the same passengers. The
performance of such obligations necessarily entails that such data are accessed by Carrier’s operative
and commercial personnel, as well as by third-party service providers, the first as “Persons in Charge
of the Processing” and the second as “Data Processors”.
• The Carrier, as “Data Controller” for the subject data treatment, managed mostly through
computers, informs its customers that such data will be used exclusively for the above-described
purposes. For this reason, the passenger authorizes the Carrier to store and use such data, and to
transmit them to its competent offices, to its authorized agents, to government authorities, to other
carriers, and to the service providers referred to above. Additional information on the identity of the
Persons responsible and methods for the processing of personal data, as well as on the passenger’s
rights regarding treatment of his/her personal data, are available c/o Carrier’s authorized agents,
product distribution channels, and on the Carrier’s website.