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article 4) fares and charges
Fares apply only to carriage from the airport of departure to that of the final destination unless expressly
stated to the contrary. Fares do not include ground transport services between airports and between airports
and city terminals. The fare paid by the passenger will be calculated on the basis of Carrier’s fare rules in
force on the date the ticket is paid, for carriage to be performed on the dates and according to the itinerary
specified thereon. If the passenger changes the itinerary or the dates, he/she may be required to pay a
The fare rules applicable from time to time are available at the Carrier offices open to the public or through
its product distribution channels.
If more than one itinerary is available at the same fare, the passenger has the right to arrange his/her
preferred itinerary with the Carrier before the ticket is issued; such itinerary becoming that to be retained
The passenger will pay all taxes and other additional charges applicable to carriage, not included in the fares,
imposed by law or required by governmental authorities or by other competent authorities.
The passenger will be informed of such taxes and charges when the ticket is purchased. Taxes and charges on
air services are subject to constant change and, therefore, if any tax or charge stated on the ticket is
increased, or if a new tax or new charge is applied after the ticket has been issued, the passenger will be
required to pay the higher amount deriving from such increase or application up to the date of beginning of
the travel. If any taxes or charges that the passenger duly paid to the Carrier when the ticket was issued, or
subsequently up to the date of beginning of the travel, are reduced or abolished up to the date of beginning of
the travel, the passenger has the right to request refund of the amount so paid.
The Carrier is not liable for any supplements for services connected to the issuance of tickets that may be
requested by its agents or servants (such as travel agents).
Fares, taxes and other additional charges are payable in the currency of the country in which the ticket was
issued, unless the Carrier or its agents, representatives and servants request, before or at the time the ticket
is paid for, that, for just cause or other legitimate reason, payment be made in another currency (for example,
due to non-convertibility of the local currency).