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General Conditions of Carriage

article 2) applicability
Without prejudice to the general provisions on other types of air carriage to which the Contract is applicable,
these G.C.C. apply to all flights or segments of flights performed by the Carrier with destinations either
within or beyond the European Union for which the Carrier’s name or identification code appears in the box
of the ticket issued for such flights or segments of flights.
If carriage is performed pursuant to a charter contract of carriage, the G.C.C. will apply only if expressly
referred to in the contract and in the ticket.
With regard to some flights, the Carrier may have stipulated “code sharing” agreements with other airlines.
This means that even if the passenger has made a reservation on one of Carrier’s flights and holds a ticket
stating that the Carrier – shown with its name or IATA code – is the carrier that will perform the flight, it is
nevertheless possible that another carrier may actually provide such service.
In such case, the Carrier (that assumes the role of marketing carrier) will notify the passenger of the identity
of the operating carrier at the time of reservation.
In case of conflict between these G.C.C. and Carrier’s Fare Rules or applicable regulations, such regulations
will prevail over these G.C.C..
The invalidity of any clause of these G.C.C. according to applicable regulations will not affect any other clause
of these G.C.C..
These G.C.C. are subject to change and amendment for purposes of compliance with applicable regulations.
The text of the G.C.C. reported on Carrier’s website is the sole text to be kept into consideration for
purposes of identifying the exact content of the Contract. Subject to the terms of these G.C.C., in case of
non compliance between same and any of Carrier’s procedures having a specific object, these G.C.C. will
prevail over such procedure.