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article 12) conduct aboard
1. If a passenger aboard the aircraft:
• conducts himself/herself so as to endanger the aircraft or any person or property;
• disturbs the other passengers and the crew or acts in such a way as to cause a disturbance;
• causes damage to the aircraft or baggage, or harms the other passengers or crew;
• obstructs the crew in the performance of its duties;
• disregards the crew’s instructions about proper behavior on board or respect of in-flight
procedures; the Carrier may take appropriate measures to prevent or limit continuation of such
conduct, including restraint within legal limits, and may disembark the passenger concerned or
refuse to continue the carriage.
In addition to the above, the Carrier reserves the right to report a passenger who acts in the above
described manner if such action is considered a criminal or disciplinary offence under applicable law.
2. The passenger undertakes to follow Carrier’s instructions that, for reasons of flight safety, prohibit or
limit the on-board use of electronic devices such as, for purposes of example only:
• cell phones, portable computers, portable recorders, portable radio devices, CD players;
• electronic games;
• receiver-transmitter devices, including remote-controlled or radio-controlled toys and walkietalkies.
The above does not include medical devices such as hearing aids or pacemakers essential to the
passenger’s health, about which the Carrier must be informed in advance.
3. The passenger also undertakes to follow Carrier’s rules that prohibit smoking on its aircraft.